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Nihat Çam

    My name is Nihat Cam who participated in 1 year Management Trainee Program in the United States thru World Wide Career Center and AAG.I studied Tourism and Hotel management at Antalya Bilim University.I have been working in this field since high school and trying add new skills whenever I can including trainings and internships.Before this USA journey,I also participated in an internship oppuortunity in USA again for a summer time.However,this time was long term management trainee program which was covering more details.First of all,I would like to thank you both sponsors for all the help and support thru this journey because they took care of all the details and wishes for this long journey from beginning to the end.Mustafa Uzer deserves a big applause for this process.Airplane tickets search,placement details and his guideness on this and his network all around world are only a few of them for this long process.

    About my 1 year in Florida,I was accepted by The Ritz-Carlton Ft.Lauderdale in Florida very close to Miami;one of the top destinations in the world from tourism and hospitality perspective.Plus,I was working in a worldwide known high luxury hotel segment which is The Ritz-Carlton.Thru this journey,I crossed training almost every position in the restaurant.I was also willing to learn and pushing myself really hard everyday.This way, management saw the ambition and good will and rotated me for positions so I can improve my skills way better.After 6 months,I was a server in the restaurant taking responsibilities and providing first class service for my guests.My managers and colleagues supported me every time I needed a help.

    This program gave me a lot about US culture, people and Tourism/Hospitality.I enjoyed every second under the property and in the States and even learned more than I could imagine.Using my free time for tastings from different cuisines and meeting people from different cultures, walking down the streets and seeing new environments gave me a lot as a person and for my future career in this field.It was full of good memories, learnings and improving as a young professional. Thank you WorldWide Career Center and The Ritz-Carlton Ft.Lauderdale family.


Kind Regards

Nihat Çam 

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